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Do porcelain cups need to be boiled in a pot?

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Porcelain cups need to be boiled in a pot. It is to ensure sterilization. How to choose good porcelain products: 1. Do not choose overglaze decoration when choosing porcelain tableware, especially the inner wall of porcelain tableware. You can choose underglaze color or underglaze color decoration, such as blue and white is a kind of porcelains that people like to decorate with underglaze color. 2. The porcelain tableware bought back should be soaked and boiled with 4 vinegar water first, which can remove most of the toxic substances and greatly reduce the potential harm of porcelain tableware to human body. 3. Do not store acidic food, fruit juice, wine, coffee and other beverages with porcelain tableware for a long time. Because the longer the porcelain tableware holds acid food or drink and the higher the temperature, the easier it is to dissolve lead, which is equivalent to increasing the toxicity of lead dissolution. 4. Whether the appearance is perfect, whether there is damage, spots, bubbles, and smooth. porcelain products with thorny, spotty or even cracked surfaces are prone to overflow the lead contained in the glaze, which is not suitable for tableware. 5. When choosing porcelain decorated with gold and silver, wipe it with your hand, and it is the best product that does not fade. 6. Tap a few times, the sound is crisp and good, and the sound is dull or hoarse is inferior.


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