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Correct selection and maintenance of bone china tableware

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Attention to selection: porcelain dinnerware
porcelain dinnerware should pay attention to the surface of food and food contact.
When porcelain dinnerware is used for acidic food, try to choose products with less surface patterns.
Note that the color of the design is light. If there is no light, the baking temperature may not meet the requirements. The soluble lead and * * * of this porcelain dinnerware product are often high.
Pay special attention to those who can make porcelain dinnerware design by hand. This product is high in soluble lead and * * *.
Distrustful porcelain dinnerware can be soaked in vinegar for several hours. If it is found that the color of abandoned tableware should change significantly.
When choosing microwave oven products, you should avoid metal decorative products, such as gold edge, silver edge, or * * * fancy paper, metal wire, steel wire products.
Maintenance of Bone China
1. Bone china tableware must be washed by hand, using your dishwasher. If you really don't want to wash your hands, you should choose the dishwasher function of "porcelain and crystal" type.
2. Tableware in Phnom Penh should not be put into the microwave oven in order to prevent corrosion.
3. The pH value of washing must be between 11 and 11.5.
4. Use clean water, and the water temperature is lower than 80 ℃. If it's not easy to clean, wash it in water with a little vinegar.
5. Instead of the hot cup, it will directly enter the cold water to avoid damaging the rapid temperature change of the porcelain.
6. If there are any scratches, Polish slightly and use toothpaste.
7. If there is a tea, it can be cleaned with lemon juice or vinegar
8 * * * do not use flash heat to avoid cracks.
9. Don't burn directly with fire.


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