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How to choose porcelain tableware? What kind of porcelain tableware is good

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How to choose porcelain tableware? What kind of porcelain tableware is good
Now there are more and more tableware materials in the market. We can see that porcelain tableware is the most popular one. Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to choose porcelain tableware and what kind of porcelain tableware to use.
How to choose porcelain tableware
1. When selecting, carefully check whether the shape of the tableware is correct, whether there is damage, bubbles, spots, etc. In short, the first step is to look at the shape. porcelains with thorny, spotty or even cracked surfaces are easy to seep out of the lead contained in the colored glaze, which is not suitable for tableware.
2. Gently tap the surface of tableware for a few times, and the quality of crisp sound is better. Those with dull or hoarse sound are mostly inferior.
3. When choosing tableware, do not choose those decorated with colored glaze, especially the inner wall of tableware does not have colored paintings. You can choose underglaze color or underglaze color, such as blue and white decoration.
4. The tableware just bought can be soaked and boiled in water with vinegar, so that most of the toxic substances can be removed, which can greatly reduce the potential threat of porcelain tableware to human body.
5. When choosing those tableware with gold and silver edge decoration, * * * please wipe it with your hand first. The top grade is the one whose decoration will not color.
6. porcelain tableware with too bright colors may not be good. Some manufacturers will add some heavy metal additives to the colored glaze in order to make the porcelains look more bright. Therefore, the brighter the color of tableware, the more likely the content of heavy metals will exceed the standard.
7. When choosing those complete sets of porcelain tableware, we should also carefully see whether the glaze color, picture, gloss and style of each piece are uniform. What we need to be careful about is that there are inferior tableware in the complete set.
8. It's better to choose a regular market for porcelain tableware. Don't buy inferior products without formal manufacturers because of greed for cheap.
9. After buying tableware, do not use porcelain tableware for a long time to store acidic food and drinks such as fruit juice, coffee or wine. Because porcelains store acidic food or drinks for too long, especially in high temperature seasons, the more easily lead is dissolved, and too much lead will produce poison * * *.
What kind of porcelain tableware is good
Next, Xiaobian will teach you several simple ways to quickly identify the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain tableware.
1、 Touch by hand. Don't buy unsmooth tableware. When choosing tableware, be sure to touch by hand. If the flower body on the tableware is protruding, it means it is overglaze color. When touching, the tableware surface is not smooth and rough, indicating that the product is "not cooked", try not to buy it. In addition, don't buy Tableware with flowers on the inner wall. Although the product quality is qualified * * *, it's still infallible.
2、 Don't buy Tableware with pores when viewing with your eyes. In addition to paying attention to safety and quality issues, the usability of tableware cannot be ignored. Website editor tips, when buying tableware, * * * look at the tableware against the light, if there are defects on it, it can be seen at a glance. If you find small pores, bulges, slag falling and uneven bottom on the tableware, * * * Don't buy it. Because these defective tableware will bring trouble to future cleaning.
3、 Do not buy dishware that is uneven. When buying cups, bowls, plates and other tableware, * * * put the product upside down on the desktop or glass surface, and * * * whether the flatness of the product meets the standard. If you find that the mouth of the tableware is tilted and uneven, don't buy it. In addition, tableware can also be stacked together. If good and high-quality tableware is seamless. The inferior tableware is stacked askew. 4、 Knock with your hand. Don't buy Tableware if it's not crisp. When buying tableware, knock with your hand. If the sound of tableware is crisp and pleasant, it means that the quality of tableware is high-quality. If the tableware makes a muddy sound after being knocked by hand, it indicates that there is a crack in the body of the tableware. Don't buy it.


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